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L’economia dell’abbonamento: le cose che abbiamo acquistato non sono più nostre

14 May 2023

L’economia degli abbonamenti (“subscription economy”) è un modello di business che negli ultimi dieci anni è cresciuto del 435 per cento e prevede – con parecchie variazioni – che al centro dell’interazione economica tra azienda e cliente non ci sia più un prodotto acquistato, ma i servizi offerti in cambio di una qualche forma di […]

La Francia vuole vietare che i minori accedano ai siti hard. Ma il rimedio è peggiore del male

14 April 2023

La Francia vuole vietare l’accesso ai siti porno ai minori. Iniziativa probabilmente lodevole, ma che va incontro a problemi organizzativi, legali ed etici. Riporta Wired che il ministro per la transizione digitale francese, Jean Noel Barrott, ha annunciato che presenterà nei prossimi giorni un nuovo sistema obbligatorio di certificazione dell’età. Le possibilità che il legislatore […]

Robocop really exists, the first robot policeman is already in Dubai

6 February 2023

He doesn’t get tired, he doesn’t get paid, he doesn’t need assistance. He’s the perfect cop. If it seems like a dystopia, know that we are in reality: Robocop exists. In Dubai, a robotic policeman who can help identify wanted people and gather evidence has joined the police force, Reuters reports. Robocop, according to the […]

The Strange Case of the San Francisco Killer Robots

30 January 2023

Robots that kill for the police. It is not the sequel to some Sci-Fi blockbuster, but a concrete proposal from the San Francisco Police to fight crime. If the proposal is accepted by the Board of Supervisors (US Court of Supervisors), the robots already used by police to defuse bombs or explore dangerous areas could […]

If the house cleaning robot takes obscene photos of users

23 January 2023

In the fall of 2020, some workers in Venezuela posted a series of images on online forums that they had gathered to talk about work. The photos were mundane, but sometimes intimate, domestic scenes captured from low angles. Some of these photos violated users’ privacy and intimacy. In one particularly revealing shot, a young woman […]

Facial recognition and data collected by the government for social control purposes. Brazil is at risk of privacy even with Lula

16 January 2023

For many years, Brazil has been a leader in data governance, but today it seems like things are changing in an alarming way. In 1995, Latin America’s largest democracy created the Internet Steering Committee, a multi-stakeholder body to help the country establish principles for web governance. In 2014, prompted by Edward Snowden’s revelations about the […]

Meta, another fine for violation of personal data legislation

9 January 2023

The Irish Commission for the protection of personal data has sanctioned Meta – the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp company led by Mark Zuckerberg – with two fines, totaling to 280 million euros. According to the supervisory authority, Meta violated the European Union data privacy rules by forcing European users registered on Facebook and Instagram to […]

Against DeepFake and non-consensual pornography. Why 2023 will be the year of the rules on Artificial Intelligence, starting from Europe.

2 January 2023

This is the year of artificial intelligence. With 2023 we entered the “momentum” in which the various forms of AI have become pop and mainstream, no longer as a subject for specialists, geeks and those interested in the technological world, but as a theme for editorials, essays on customs and a concrete impact on our […]