Ealixir’s Code Of Ethics

Ealixir’s Ethical Code is a set of rules, approved and signed by all our collaborators, aimed at the internal and external regulation of the company and the protection of our clients.

The Right to be Forgotten is applicable to any person and is now protected by the European Union and by the laws of the individual Member States. There is an increasing number of judgements that ascertain the subsistence and the validity of this right (European Court, national courts and Privacy Authorities). 

The Right to be Forgotten is exercisable by anyone in presence of the legal conditions required to invoke it. According to statistics, the unwanted information that is requested for removal concerns judicial news content. The conviction sentence following a criminal proceeding and the type of offense do not necessarily determine the exclusion from the recognition to Oblivion. 

Ealixir shares the ethical and legal value of the principle according to which the law is the same for everyone, both in the case of defense against accusation and in the case of the affirmation of one’s own right. However there are cases in which the subjects, definitely convicted, are held responsible for particularly resinous and execrable crimes (for example child pornography, mafia association or violence against women and children). Regarding such cases, Ealixir reserves the right to refuse the mandate, with the will to demonstrate that a professional approach does not sacrifice ethical values to profit and that there is a genuine interpretation regarding the limits of applicability of the Right to be Forgotten.