Miami, 17.05.2020

Ealixir Inc.

40 SW 13th St

Penthouse 1

Miami, FL 33130


We don’t innovate. We REVOLUTIONIZE.

Revolutionary ideas all have one thing in common: they are simple.

All the great ideas that have made the Silicon Valley fortune are extremely simple ideas, which aim to satisfy people’s primary needs.

The idea behind Facebook is to keep in touch with distant people.

The idea behind Instagram is to share photos.

The idea behind Uber is to give people the opportunity to have cheaper and more efficient taxis.

The idea behind AirBnB is to give people the opportunity to stay anywhere in the world, in a way that is more atmospheric than staying in a hotel.

The idea behind Ealixir Inc. is to give people the opportunity to choose the links that appear when someone searches for them on Google.

In today’s world, your business card is of no interest to anyone: five minutes after you deliver it, it ends up in the garbage.

The only thing that matters when you introduce yourself to someone is the top ten links that appear when that someone types your name into Google.

It’s called “reputation economy”: nobody has time to personally verify the ton of information we are subjected to every day.

We must trust what we find on the web.

This is why lots of companies earn themselves web reputation and lots of companies carry out link removal.

But no company in the world allows you to do what Ealixir is able to do, that is, shape the links that appear on the Google search screen in your own image and likeness, deleting unwanted ones and creating new ones.

Ealixir’s philosophy is not an innovative philosophy: it is a subversive philosophy, because it subverts the rules on which the web has been based on so far

Before Ealixir, individuals were subject to whatever Google said to them: they had no way of interfering.

With Ealixir, individuals decide what Google says about them.

In real life, when we go for a job interview or a date, we choose our dress/suit, jacket and shoes that we want to introduce ourselves with.

Here at Ealixir, we are convinced that it should be the same on the web.

Before Ealixir, it was Google who chose for us.

With Ealixir, we can choose how to introduce ourselves on Google.
One link at a time.

The Ealixir Revolution is based on three pillars.

Remove outdated links or false information (fake news) on the account of a person or a company(Ealixir Removal). Create interesting, positive links, where you can promote the person and his/her business (Ealixir Story).

The Ealixir revolution is therefore a revolution based on freedom: the freedom to choose what the web says about us.

A freedom simultaneously safeguarded by a precise ethical code: Ealixir, by choice and not by legal obligation, does not work with those who have been found guilty of committing crimes related to drugs, criminal organizations, violence against women or minors in the past. Also, before working with any client, we always ask for their certificate of any pending charges and make sure it is clean.

Ealixir has an ethics committee that analyses each individual client and authorizes each individual contract.

Thanks to Ealixir, a new era in the use and consumption of the web is beginning.

The era of freedom. The era in which individuals are no longer victim to what the web says about them, but rather govern it.

A brand new life begins now.

Enea Angelo Trevisan

Founder & CEO Worldwide