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Ealixir was established in Italy in 2018 thanks to the intuition of Enea Angelo Trevisan, businessman who had been active in the digital industry for over ten years.

The Ealixir team is composed of high profile professionals, originating from the world of the Web, management and communication, who constantly guarantee the updating of the products and services offered the customers, and by lawyers specialized in the management and protection of digital identity and the rights connected to computer technologies. The data that has emerged in the latest global reports on the digital world shows that in the last 5 years:


new users per day


increase of connected population

4,5 MRD

connected people out of 7,7

This analysis shows that in an increasingly hyper-connected society, the network has become a necessary tool to both one’s professional life and one’s personal life: it is the first source of knowledge and the first place to look for information regarding companies and individuals.

This momentous change has revealed, however, along with new opportunities also new problems tied to online identity and digital reputation. The improper use of harmful information can compromise the reliability of a company and the credibility of a person, and the disclosure of incorrect or blatantly false information can be considered a true act of violence. Ealixir’s objective is to help its customers to manage their online identity, in order to standardize it to their offline identity.

Our vision at Ealixir is to maintain leadership in the market of online identity management, through continuous research in the computer and technological field and to be able to provide excellent services to companies and private individuals. Ealixir believes that every person has the right to be able to choose and manage their digital reputation. The definition of one’s online identity is everyone’s right.

Ealixir’s mission is to guarantee sure results in the management of the digital image, by best supporting and assisting their customers.

8 years of experience

Offices in 28 countries

Always available for you

More than 500 clients wordlwide

Money Back Guarantee

Confidentiality and professional secrecy


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