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Against insults, slander
and confidential
information disclosure

Services for Individuals

legal defense

Ealixir cooperates with several qualified lawyers specialized in the law related to new technologies and online privacy.

The main areas of expertise of our lawyers are:

• Crimes committed on or using the Internet (insults, slander or confidential information disclosure);
• Attacks against the honor and integrity of natural and legal persons;
• Defense of the right to one's own image and one's own privacy;
• Defense of intellectual property;

Our clients always receive advice regarding the progress and outcomes of their cases from our lawyers, who suggest the best strategies and, where possible, require the relevant parties to reimburse the damages caused to the client.

Legal defense

We delete negative links and news.

Ealixir is the first international company dedicated to deleting online news, using the Right to be Forgotten. Our team has extensive experience on this topic and offers a global service to the client. Since 2010 we have worked to protect the privacy and reputation of our customers on the web.

Every day we work to:

- Delete data from Official Journals and search engines;
- Delete information from social networks (photos, posts and entire profiles);
- Remove data from telephone directories published on the Internet;
- Delete information on blogs, forums or personal pages;
- Delete the results from the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.).

data cancellation

Erasure of data

web reputation

We manage and protect your digital reputation.

Online reputation is essential for both companies and individuals. Ealixir helps maintain and manage your company’s well-deserved reputation, allowing you to manage its digital identity on social media. At Ealixir you will find a team of professionals specialized in offering solutions for your reputation.

- We delete content negative to your reputation;
- We assist with legal defense against attacks on your honor and reputation and, when possible, claim compensation for incurred damages;
- Social media management to improve your web presence;
- We assist with the erasure of data that preclude access to the world of business.

Web reputation

If we can’t delete it, we will avoid it being found.

Our Online Presence service is designed for those cases in which it is not possible to delete the client’s negative information, such as cases where there are numerous references that refer to public and/or political figures, or to people in which there is a special public informational interest.
In these cases, the Ealixir team will suggest a strategy to fill the front pages of search engines so that the information you want to delete is hidden or buried in the results by the content we create.
In doing so, we will avoid causing the so called "Streisand effect" and we will be able to create a digital reputation of the Client that suits their needs.

presence on the internet

Online Presence

monitoring and notifications

Intervention in the case of new information appearing online.

Ealixir’s Early Warning service was created to respond to a specific request from our Clients: being constantly informed of the latest news regarding them that may appear online.
Using a passive listening process through which we can detect the specific details on our client with the purpose of identifying them and transmitting them to the interested person.
The informative and preventive purposes allow the Client to become aware, in a short period of time, about the new references that have appeared on the Internet, aiming to quickly contain and correct the problem and avoiding the propagation and dissemination of in appropriate news.

How we intervene:
1 - A piece of news about the client is published on the Internet;
2 - The system identifies and sends it for verification to our technicians;
3 - The notice is verified and, if positive, it is forwarded to the client for further examination;
4 - The client receives the notification to carry through a personal check.

Monitoring and notification

Free analysis of your online presence.

We will help you reshape
your personal,
or brand
image on the web.

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